• Daralix


    A silver dragon raised by liches, Daralix is young and presumptuous, slowly discovering what it means to be a silver dragon in a world of evil.
  • Eester


    "One for oneself and all for one!"
  • Gnimby Gnookshanks

    Gnimby Gnookshanks

    Once a mad gnome, now sane and lucid
  • Wade the Skrimisher

    Wade the Skrimisher

    A bow for hire, discovering meaning in his almost spent life.
  • Alazar


    A tall, lanky wererat, most often encountered in his hybrid form, coated in black oily fur with a long scraggly tale. He is the head of the assassin's guild of Charnel and generally regarded as the creature most in the know... for a price.
  • Alfred Severus

    Alfred Severus

    A kind, yet wise eyed old man. His hair, long since gray, falls in uncombed tuffs to his shoulders.
  • Darian, The Human Council Member

    Darian, The Human Council Member

    An unremarkable man in feature, his head is usually hidden in his plain black robe. A pleasant smile always on his lips.
  • General Redmountain

    General Redmountain

    A gruff, old dwarf who eyes speak not only to his long experience in battle, but his weariness in the responsibilities he's taken on for his people.
  • High Inquisitor Paltress

    High Inquisitor Paltress

    A small, lithe figure clad in all black, with with dangling symbol of a blacked out sun. Fiery scarlet hair and cold blue eyes stand from the black.
  • Lepidus


    A robe clad werewolf, tall and lanky, almost gaunt. His eyes burn with an immense intelligence but also with a hint of madness.
  • Pewter


    A small white robed gnome, with metallic brown hair and swirling copper eyes.
  • Rose, Assistant to the Banshee Queen

    Rose, Assistant to the Banshee Queen

    A quiet and reserved human ghost. She is direct and to the point. Her service to the Banshee Queen her only goal.
  • The Banshee Queen

    The Banshee Queen

    Noble, poised yet caring a palpable air of sadness around her, she is a translucent elven maiden, clad in once shining armor.
  • The Lich

    The Lich

    Clad head to toe in black, silver runed robes, the only part of him that can be seen is his bleached white skull and two burning red eyes.
  • Wilfred Fizzlebang

    Wilfred Fizzlebang

    A wild eyed wizard and master summoner, filled with wild gestures and overly descriptive speech.